2012 PlaySpace Magazine, Inaugural edition, Editors; David Gibson and Michele Basora, May, 2012

“The painting and poem by Dianne Bowen create a context for the concept that linear thinking provides a limited perspective where art and nature are concerned. Wordplay and lineplay are two ways that Dianne Bowen gets her point across. Inherent complexities and natural rhythms collide. Tracking nature is like rationalizing instinct. Bowen’s graphs create new frequencies of reason that unwind and coalesce as we read into them. The force of our attention is matched only by her ability to guide it into challenging pathways redolent with meaning.”                 – David Gibson

2010 NYARTS, October, Volume #15, “Playing the Curve” interview by Leah Oates with Dianne Bowen, pg. 8

2008 Artscope: Miami Fairs 08 by Susan Schwalb on line and in print

2007 Art in America June/July issue, “Girls Girls, Girls-Feminist phases and philosophies let me count the ways…” by Carey Lovelace, Image and review pg 90

Dianne Bowen’s horizontal wall piece Finnegan Begin Again (2006) one of the shows most effective works..”


 2009   The Kalm Report, BROADTHINKING at the Bridge art fair NY 09/               

2008 “Art in Dialogue” documentary featuring: 10 artists in their studio by Jaanika Peerna and Annette Solakoglu. with support from the Estonian Foundation for Arts and Letters. Screened at the Estonian Cultural House NY NY

2007 Sony Pictures, “Its All good” Mural used in movie, “don’t mess with the Kohan”.

2006 “Art in Dialogue” documentary featuring 10 artists in their studio by Jaanika Peerna and Annette Solakoglu, Parnu Independent Film Festival, Museum For New Art, Parnu, Estonia.


2009 . WVOX 1460AM. “metal Mayhem” hosted by Tony Gizzo, Interviewed by Rooster. Live with Dianne Bowen and Bill Sims Jr

On line:

2014, “Dianne Bowen-Code Poems” interview,

“I met Dianne Bowen on Google Plus.  When I first saw her profile and her work, I instantly knew that I had to chat with her.  Her work is utterly painterly and masterful and her installations are totally cool.  As you’ll see below, she’s a gifted artist with a brilliant mind.”

 2013 Whitehot Magazine, “Whitehot’s Best Artists of 2013, September issue

2012  Minimal Exposition May 8, 2012 and May 15, “Listening in Two Dimensions”

The New York by John Sebastian, August,Multimedia Artist Dianne Bowen.”

2011 Whitehot Magazine, November, 2011, “Dismember the Night” at Tribes Gallery, by Emer Martin

Hyperallergic: “From the Easel” by Philip Hartigan, December

Praeterita, artist-writer-artist, by Philip Hartigan October interview by artist/writer Philip Hartigan

“Dianne Bowen is a New York artist who uses paintings, drawings, words, installations, videos, to create a set of complex visual responses to internal and external space. At a conceptual level, her work originates in a fascination with systems, of communication and miscommunication. At a visual level, her work in all media is  just incredibly satisfying to look at. I was delighted to discover that her use of words is as skilful as her manipulation of the material processes of art. In this interview, she answers some questions about the relation between word and image in her work.”

The Huffington Post on-line 2/17/2011 “(R)evolution: Eros(ion) Flow”, Lisa Paul Streitfeld

THE PALM BEACH PROPER, “(R)evolution: Eros(ion) Flow”, February 17, 2011, Lisa Paul Streitfeld on line edition cultures and features

2010 Critical Trilogy; A critics millennial journey: Lisa Paul Streitfeld, December

Critical Trilogy; A critics millennial journey: Lisa Paul Streitfeld, November

Critical Trilogy; A critics millennial journey; Lisa Paul Streitfeld

“Dianne Bowen is unclassifiable as an artist and a person.  She transcends all categories and therefore, it was fitting that her latest installation was titled, quite simply for a complex work, The Web, at Culturefix Gallery on Clinton Street.”

ArtSLANT NY, March pics, On the Edge at the Fountain by Natalie Hegert, March 4, 2010 – Pic of the month March

“Other notables included Dianne Bowen’s perplexing and conceptually complex installation at Creon Gallery’s booth”

2008 Globatron Interview with Byron King

Lucid Culture: art review; “Walk – ins Welcome”, Umbrella Arts, NY NY August 30

“Breaking Silence, a mixed media work by Dianne Bowen provocatively spills white wax over a sharply threatening bunch of nails and wire.“

C-MONSTER: “in the Pool Art Fair”


2007 Artspace Talk, featured artist July interview, by Brian Sherwin,

2006 Glow lab 08-Let every pothole bloom—with grass!–By Ariella Cohen, The Brooklyn Papers, from “the seed project”